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Sports and Fitness Floor Installation and Refinishing Experience

Flatout Flooring’s team of specialized floor technicians are experts at gym floor installation and resurfacing - sanding, staining, marking, and refinishing - of squash, basketball courts or other courts and at installation of performance sports flooring including turf zones, running tracks, rubber flooring, safety floors, stretch matting, skate-resistant flooring and other athletic resilient flooring.


Squash Courts

Flatout Flooring offers a complete line of products and services for the squash industry. Diverse experience and partnerships with preferred suppliers ensures a quality fabricated court, every time. Flatout Flooring offers:

  • Installation of new courts and court floors.
  • Supply and installation of head walls, side walls, glass walls, tell-tales, floor graphing, sleeper floor assemblies, and hardwood.
  • Court floor resurfacing.
  • Refurbishment of existing squash court.
  • Court floor hardwood sanding and refinishing.
  • Court game-line painting / marking.

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Gymnasium Floors

Flatout Flooring offers a full range of gym hardwood sports finishes, product lines, and services. We are dedicated to providing our commercial and institutional clients with gym flooring that rivals the big leagues. Flatout Flooring offers:

  • Supply and installation of various types of sleeper floor assemblies.
  • New basketball court floor / gym hardwood floor installation.
  • Gym / court floor resurfacing.
  • Gym floor refinishing / refurbishments.
  • Premium Canadian Hard Maple hardwood as the foundation of all our courts.
  • Painting and masking services for game line markings.
  • Custom graphic artwork — logos, mascots, and banners can be incorporated into the court floor / gym floor finishes.

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Matching light stain and finish hardwood pattern on both, the hardwood floor and hardwood wall of a modern furnished room.

Selection, Service, Price

At Flatout Flooring, we pride ourselves on being a locally-owned Canadian flooring company that is big enough to compete with price and selection but small enough to bring you the expertise and service you need to make an informed flooring decision.

Grey hardwood flooring and collage of picture frames on the wall of a simple modern room.

A Higher Standard

We are members of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) and ARDEX certified. We also hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in flooring product lines and business practices.

Refinished hardwood floor and stairs, spectacularly warm stain and finish, with beige wall, a close up.

Flooring Showroom

Our showroom offers a wide variety of hardwood floors, engineered, solid and exotic, stains, finishes and related products. Visit us to compare the look and feel of each floor. We can help with installation, hardwood floor refinishing, sanding, staining or DIY options.